Kathy Bryla - Your Central Ward Councillor

Kathy lives with her husband and children in Riverview. They moved to Riverview 10 years ago and have renovated and expanded their 1950s cottage for their growing family needs. Her family embrace all that Lane Cove offer.

Having served on Council's Access and Inclusion Committee for the last three years, Kathy is passionate about creating a community that is engaged and inclusive.

Kathy practices as an Architect and operates her own business that focuses on sustainable housing design and the adaptation of existing buildings. Kathy is passionate about the environment and aims to be actively involved in the climate change solution. She sees that she can use her professional skills to guide Council to create built environment strategies that are fair and sustainable for all residents in Lane Cove thus starting locally can build a sustainable future for all…building a stronger future.

With a passion for the environment and the unique bushland of Lane Cove, Kathy is a keen bush walker taking any opportunity to do walks with friends. Kathy stands to preserve and take a progressive role making policies that balance our built with our natural environment.


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0414 638 837







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