Your East Ward Candidates

David Roenfeldt

David first moved to Lane Cove in 2012 and fell in love with the area. The open spaces and close vicinity to bushland and national parks and the safe and friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to live.

David cares deeply about ensuring that the will of the community, is not only listened to, but implemented. His attendance at many, many council meetings in the last several years have shown too many times final outcomes have gone against the community. This has to change.

David is currently President of Lane Cove Labor and continues to have a close working relationship with Councillor Andrew Zbik.

David works in Castle Hill as an Environmental Test Engineer, validating products to Environmental testing standards. He advocates to represent those that do not have a voice. Many times, in his past he has represented his peers while studying or working.

David’s hobbies are playing guitar and learning about other science disciplines, such as space, geology and bee-keeping.


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0466 949 145



Rachel Baker

Rachel lives in Lane Cove with her partner and teenage daughter. She loves Lane Cove's village atmosphere, excellent coffee and beautiful green spaces.

Rachel has a degree in sociology and is in her third year as a community representative on the Lane Cove Council Access and Inclusion Committee; she understands the nuanced needs of the community.

Rachel wants to help develop an inclusive and sustainable future for the people of Lane Cove.


Sieger De Vries

Sieger and his partner Catherine live in Lane Cove east ward and have raised their two children locally after moving here over 20 years ago.

He is a self employed IT consultant advising large organisations on creating a customer focused, collaborative and productive work environment for IT teams.

He is motivated by using a grassroots approach with like minded people to make Council’s relationship with the community more collaborative and transparent.

His core values are: be curious, be passionate, be kind and suspend judgement.

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