Fully Fund the Lane Cove Bike Plan

Safer cycling sooner:

Supporting active transport in our community

Lane Cove loves cycling; commuting to work and school, long rides on the weekend and taking the kids to the park.

  • In 2019 Lane Cove Council commissioned a Bike Plan that considered contemporary road use, the changing demographics of Lane Cove and properly addressed the peripheral works
  • The 2019 Bike Plan budgeted ~$3 000 000 worth of improvements. Each year Council has been only budgeting ~$150 000 - $250 000 per year
  • At this speed, it would take Council 12 - 20 years to complete the 2019 Bike Plan. This is too long
  • This inaction is stopping the uptake of bike riding in Lane Cove and puts all road users and pedestrians in danger

Bike riding is an important component of integrated transport infrastructure.

If more people use their bikes for transport and recreation there will be fewer cars on the road, provide more space on public transport, reduce pollution, improve general health and will increase the liveability of our community.

Since being elected as the Councillor for West Ward, Andrew Zbik has worked to improve the access, amenities and connectivity for all bicycle riders in Lane Cove. This includes the shared user paths alongside Mowbray Road and Centennial Avenue.
Elect Lane Cove Labor to our Council to ensure that cyclists continue have a strong voice on Lane Cove Council.
Lane Cove Labor will deliver safer cycling sooner.