Improving Communication

From communication to collaboration:

Evolving to meet community expectations

Councillor Andrew Zbik (West Ward) has led the way, showing how Council should engage with the community.

Lane Cove Labor will commit to improving the way our Council communicates and collaborates with our community. 

  • To better use social media to engage directly with our community. 
  • To transition from old methods such as letterboxing and snail mail to using customised and targeted emails and text messages to residents when required. 
  • To formally use social media as a means to consult with our community. Your comments on social media should count.
  • To develop a text message service where residents can opt in to receive customised messaging from Council. Information you want, when you need it.
  • To better explain the decision-making process when Council collaborates with residents and explain the decision making process after collaborating with residents.
  • To use more community workshops to collaborate with the community on significant decisions.
  • To ensure Council's [email protected] email is properly staffed to provide a timely response within 48 hours during a weekday to every resident. 
  • To create a dedicated after hours emergency hotline for Council matters (Such as fallen trees etc).

CLICK HERE to see the motion Councillor Andrew Zbik moved in August 2020 to Improve Council's Community Engagement Policy.

Unbelievably, this motion was rejected by a majority of Councillors. 

Lane Cove Labor Councillors will stand together to improve Council communications with you.