Clean up our Contaminated Waterways:

Clean up our contaminated waterways:

Cleaner waterways will safeguard biodiversity and improve the liveability of our community

Did you know 

  • In 2013 the Lane Cove waterways were found to be polluted with 7 times the metal and faecal contaminant levels recommended level by the EPA?
  • A study showed that in 2018/19 Stringybark Creek contained 3 times the amount of faecal matter recommended by the EPA.
  • There is a coordinated effort to improve the Paramatta River and its tributaries and by 2025 Lane Cove will have the dirtiest river on the Paramatta River.
  • Local government is mostly responsible for monitoring and improving the quality of our waterways.

We are the custodians of our waterways. 

That's why Lane Cove Labor wants to make cleaning up our waterways a priority. 

We have a 4 point plan to address water quality:

  • Strengthen measures in local planning instruments to ensure that development does more to reduce stormwater pollution and foster healthy ecosystems.
  • Ensure the stormwater levy raised by council is spent on modern and efficient solutions to reduce pollution.
  • Prioritise and accelerate programs to improve water quality.
  • Andrew will direct council to investigate the viability of joining the Paramatta River Master Plan (2018), an initiative of councils and state agencies working together to improve the health of our rivers.