The message from people with disability, their families and carers in North Sydney is very clear: no cuts, no delays to the NDIS.

Mr Turnbull and the Liberals must rule out making any cuts or delays to the rollout of the NDIS. 

The upcoming Budget will be about choices. So far we’ve seen Mr Turnbull rule out making a range of changes to the tax system.


So why won’t Mr Turnbull rule out making any cuts or delays to the NDIS?


We know the Turnbull Government wants to take control of the board of the NDIS.


I am concerned that Mr Turnbull wants control of the scheme so that he can cut the NDIS, delay the rollout and change the eligibility for people with disability.   


People in North Sydney understand that the old disability system is completely broken.

Now, for the first time, people with disability in Australia are looking forward to getting the support and care they need as part of the NDIS.


Already, the lives of more than 30,000 people with disability are being transformed for the better because of the NDIS.


So why won’t Mr Turnbull give people with disability the certainty they deserve by ruling out any cuts or delays to the NDIS?


The NDIS is running on time and on budget.

Any cuts or delays to the NDIS would be yet another example of Mr Turnbull saying one thing and doing another.

People with disability have waited long enough.


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