Sports and Recreation Facility

We are committed to finding a suitable site to provide indoor multi-use courts for Lane Cove. 

In Lane Cove:

- There are approximately 600 active netball players across four clubs.

- There are approximately 800 active basketball players. 

- There are NO full size competition courts in the Lane Cove Local Government Area for basketball, netball or other court sports such as volleyball. 

Clr Andrew Zbik has spoken with each club about their current membership, limitations on access to playing courts and restriction on future growth.

To date, we have supported the design and submission of a DA for the proposed Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility on the site of the existing Lane Cove Golf Clubhouse, existing carpark, existing outdoor tennis courts and a portion of the first fairway of the Lane Cove Golf Club.


We wish to pursue:

- Further talks with a neighbouring Council such as Willoughby, North Sydney or Ryde to consider construction of a joint facility. 

- Proper investigation of all commercial and industrial properties in Lane Cove West to see if an existing building can be purchased and retrofitted.

- Full disclosure to the public of any business case prepared on the construction or purchase of a site for an indoor multi-use sports facility.

- Should an alternative project be identified that can be provided for less than the estimated budget of $52 million for the Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility proposed on the site of the Lane Cove Golf Club building, we would prioritise that the remainder of funding capacity be used to provide a public performing arts space for Lane Cove.