On the 29th of August, each of the six Lane Cove Labor candidates, in the presence of the Deputy Shadow Leader Michael Daley MP, signed the United Services Union pledge to keep local government jobs local

Amongst other things, Lane Cove Labor pledged to
  • Keep local Council jobs local
  • Reject the use of labour hire contractors
  • Oppose outsourcing and privatising of Council services
  • Support procurement of Australian products
Lane Cove Labor also committed to “ensuring wages and conditions of employment are protected and the industrial rights of all Local Government workers are recognised and always respected.”
Andrew Zbik, Lane Cove Labor Candidate, West Ward said. For too long our local Council and the capacity of staff to respond to queries has been somewhat redistricted as the provision of many council services has been outsourced. I believe local Government has the capacity and expertise to provide the best level of service for local residents.
David Roenfeldt, Lane Cove Labor Candidate, Central Ward said “Labor has always fought for better outcomes for working people. Council employees that are at the forefront of delivering essential services are no different thus the commitment that I made to them via the United Services Union was a given.”
Lane Cove Labor respects the history of the Lane Cove Local Council and is committed to ensuring that Lane Cove Local Council jobs stay local.