Labor Candidates for Lane Cove Council Elections

There are six candidates contesting the Lane Cove Council Election across two wards who are also members of the Lane Cove Branch of Labor.



David Roenfeldt is a Labor Candidate for Central Ward.
David grew up in country towns in the Riverland and Sunraysia regions but has chosen to make Lane Cove his home.
David is an Environmental Test Engineer. One of the reasons David got into politics was that he found himself disappointed in the behaviour of some politicians. 
David hopes to be a champion for the residents he represents and will act in their interests with integrity. David is also an advocate for injustice and inequality and is proud of being a Labor candidate. 
Bronwyn Deane is a Labor Candidate for Central Ward. 
Bronwyn has a background in broadcast journalism, youth leadership facilitation and teaching. 
As a mother, Bronwyn is passionate about ensuring Lane Cove maintains its village vibe for future generations to enjoy. 
Bronwyn Deane believes in a consultative approach to leadership. Bronwyn will advocate for before and after school care, safe, fenced-in playgrounds and hopes to address the overcrowding in local primary schools. Bronwyn wants to ensure that Council balances residential development with local infrastructure capacity. 
Alex Perna is a Labor Candidate for Central Ward.
Alex has lived in Lane Cove his entire life. He loves the community feel, the greenery and the relative safety that residents of the suburb enjoy.
Over the last few years, however, Alex is concerned that the Liberal-dominated council is taking the residents for granted.
Alex has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of planning and under-investment in local infrastructure, like roads, parking, schools and childcare. Alex wants to ensure that these issues are tackled so that everyone can enjoy the unique benefits of living in Lane Cove. 



Andrew Zbik is a Labor Candidate for West Ward. 
Andrew lives in Lane Cove with his family and works in the city where he is part-owner in a financial services firm. 
Andrew has listened to the concerns of Lane Cove residents and is strongly motivated to be a driver of change. 
Andrew says “If I see something that frustrates me, I take responsibility to do something about it”. Andrew has worked hard at lobbying on behalf of commuters for more buses and hopes to be able to continue to do so as a Councillor. 
Lyn Nasir is a Labor Candidate for West Ward.
Lyn has lived in Lane Cove for over 30 years. Lyn is dedicated to preserving the open green spaces, village atmosphere and security that is unique to Lane Cove. 
Lyn is also passionate about the environment and recycling, and is concerned about the overdevelopment of Lane Cove.
Lyn would like to see an assessment of existing infrastructures to ensure that they meet the needs of the residents of Lane Cove. 


Wayne Enright is a Labor Candidate for West Ward.
Wayne has been a resident of the North Shore for 30 years and a resident of Lane Cove for 7 years.
Wayne loves Lane Cove’s natural features, village atmosphere and active community.
Wayne feels that these are the aspects of the area that make the people of Lane Cove so friendly and good-natured.
Wayne particularly enjoys the parks, bushland and bush walks in the Lane Cove area and seeks to protect them for future generations. Wayne believes that Lane Cove needs an voice to advocate on its behalf at all levels of government.