Lane Cove Labor is pleased to confirm that it has won Labor’s first seat in the Lane Cove area in 73 years.
Andrew Zbik has broken the long Labor drought in Lane Cove and is the new Labor Councillor for West Ward.
Andrew Zbik thanks the tireless efforts of Labor’s dedicated volunteers and professional support team and particularly wants to thank the residents of Lane Cove, West Ward, who voted for him.
After 73 years under Independent and Liberal councils, Lane Cove has shown that it is time for change. Andrew Zbik looks forward to beginning work as a Councillor. 
As Councillor, Andrew Zbik will do everything that he can to give residents the services that they need, the infrastructure that they want while maintaining the community that they love.
“It’s an honour to be elected to represent the local community,” Zbik said, “A lot of people have placed their trust in me. I see the role of a Councillor as a great way to serve our community.”
Zbik wants to be easily accessible and would like to hear from residents. 
He can be contacted on 0411 894 788, emailed at [email protected] and found on Twitter @andrewzbik.