Liberals Budget Leaves The People of North Sydney Out In The Cold

The vast majority of people in the North Sydney Electorate will see no benefit from the Turnbull government’s tax cuts but will be left with higher health costs, according to Peter Hayes, Labor Candidate for North Sydney.

“The Turnbull Government is boasting about its tax cuts for people earning over $80,000 and it’s plan to cut tax for big business."


“But 59% of income earners in the North Sydney Electoratemake less than $75,000 a year."


“That means the Turnbull Government’s tax cuts are completely meaningless for the majority of people in the North Sydney Electorate.”


Peter Hayes said while people in North Sydney miss out on tax cuts, they’ll be paying more to stay healthy."


“Malcolm Turnbull has cut $650 million from Medicare, which will increase the cost of blood tests, x-rays and scans."


“Cuts to bulk-billing will also see more patients paying higher fees to visit their local doctor."


“The Liberals and Nationals can’t help themselves, they will always cut schools, cut Medicare and cut wages."


“They attack the services families depend on, but they bend over backwards for multinationals who don’t pay their fair share."


“This is not a plan, it’s a scam, and it the people of North Sydney will see straight through it.”